When you visit Circle in the Square Theatre, you can maximize your enjoyment of the show by following the policies below. If you have any questions, please contact the theatre at the theatre school for assistance at 212-307-0388.

Accessibility Policy

Circle in the Square Theatre does its best to provide for audience members with accessibility needs. This includes wheelchair only seating on Orchestra rows J and K. When you order your tickets, if you need accessibility seating, please be sure to order tickets in these sections. You may contact the theatre at 212-307-0388 for more information.

Applause Policy

To limit disruption or disturbance for actors and audience members, Circle in the Square Theatre asks that you hold applause until appropriate breakpoints during the production. Generally speaking, if the audience starts applauding or during curtain calls, it will be an appropriate time.

Children Policy

While Circle in the Square Theatre events and productions tend to be appropriate for families, please refer to the show description as some productions may be inappropriate to younger audiences. All attendees require their ticket and if younger children get upset or loud during a show, you may be asked to leave the theatre.

Dress Policy

Circle in the Square Theatre does not have a specific dress code for patrons and guests. It is suggested that you dress for comfort, especially in colder or rainier seasons.

Food and Beverage Policy

Outside food and drink are prohibited inside the facilities at Circle in the Square Theatre

Late Arrival Policy

All Circle in the Square Theatre shows and events start promptly at the time listed on your ticket. If you arrive late, you will be asked to wait in the lobby until an appropriate and pre-chosen break period. To avoid frustration, Circle recommends that you arrive no later than 15 minutes before your scheduled show start time to give you plenty of time to find your seat.

Lost and Found Policy

If you lost something valuable or important during your visit, please call 212-307-0388 and ask to be connected with event staff or lost and found. You should be prepared to offer or leave the following information: Your full name, your contact information (phone number and address minimum), a detailed description of your lost item, and the day and event you attended when the item was lost. Staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Photography and Video Policy

Photography, video, and audio recording, radios, or any other playback device are prohibited in the theatre. 

Prohibited Items

To adhere to state and federal law, copyright law, and license regulations, Circle in the Square Theatre prohibits the following items on the premises.

  • Weapons of any kind
  • Outside food and beverages
  • Photography, Video, Sound recording equipment
  • Drugs or any illegal substances

While cellphones, watches, and watch alarms are not prohibited, patrons are asked to make sure these devices are off during the performance. Any disruption caused by these devices may result in patrons being asked to leave the theatre.

Event staff reserves the right to inspect your bags or ask you to check your bags before your scheduled performance.

Smoking Policy

Circle in the Square Theatre does not allow smoking anywhere on the premises. This includes cigars, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vapes, and other similar devices or paraphernalia. Please contact customer service at 212-307-0388 for any information regarding designated smoking areas.

Ticket Policy

All ticket sales are final, so please be sure that you order a ticket for a day and time that you can attend.