Please see below for all the Circle In The Square Theatre parking information. Simply input the following venue address into Google Maps or your cars navigation to make your journey easier:

1633 Broadway, New York City, New York 10019

Note that traffic in New York City around the Circle In The Square Theatre is known to be busier at times of major events. Please plan accordingly and allow plenty of time prior to your event.

Circle in the Square Theatre can be found at 1633 Broadway (on 50th), in New York City. If you are driving in, then the following are the best nearby parking options available to you. These options are listed in order of closeness to the venue.

  • Quik Park Garage
    285 W 50th St

  • Icon Parking Garage
    209 W 51st St

  • 1633 Broadway Garage
    235W W 50th St

  • ABM Parking Garage
    1633 Broadway

  • Quik Park Garage
    888 Broadway

  • Eastway Parking
    225 W 49th St