KPOP – The Musical at Circle In The Square Theatre

KPOP - The Musical Tickets

Circle In The Square Theatre | New York City, New York

K-POP, or Korean pop music, has recently become a significant force in the industry and rightly so, everybody absolutely wants it in their lives. Now the whole movement has been made into a musical and will be shown live on Friday 7th April 2023, Circle In The Square Theatre. The story gives audiences a look inside the world of dedication, raw talent, and business savvy that helped propel KPOP to international stardom. It goes without saying that something this special combined with limited seating will be gone very quickly, but don't fret, we have you covered. You can purchase your tickets today, right here.

KPOP - The Musical at Circle In The Square Theatre

K-pop, or Korean pop, has now become extremely prominent in the global music industry especially in recent times. So much so that it has spawned a musical titled "KPOP" which will be performed at Circle In The Square Theatre on Friday 7th April 2023. The astounding number of views that K-pop has accrued across all the major streaming apps is just but a taste of the outstanding quality of this one-of-a-kind production, but you already knew that because you are a real fan. The show sheds new light on the genuine zeal, tenacity, raw talent, and savvy business decisions that propelled KPOP to its current level of success. This story  features some exciting dance and music sequences that are sure to get your blood moving and body swaying. It centers around a group of K-Pop stars who must overcome their personal demons while also saving their record label from the brink of extinction. You'll have a good time dancing to the beats and singing along with the rest of the crowd as they take you on a voyage into the world of KPOP. This dazzling production, which features a who's who of the K-pop and Broadway scenes, is unlike anything else currently on on display. Innovators Max Vernon and Helen Park have composed the score and lyrics for the show. Anyone over the age of ten is in for one hell of a show, but you have be quick because there is a restricted number of seats available, and they are selling out fast. Be sure to grab yours right here.

KPOP - The Musical at Circle In The Square Theatre

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