KPOP – The Musical at Circle In The Square Theatre

KPOP - The Musical Tickets

Circle In The Square Theatre | New York City, New York

K-POP, or Korean pop music, has recently become a major force in the industry and rightly so, everybody absolutely loves it. Now the whole movement has been made into a theater production and will be shown live on Wednesday 22nd March 2023, Circle In The Square Theatre. The story gives show goers a look inside the world of dedication, raw talent, and business savvy that helped propel KPOP to international stardom. It goes without saying that something this special combined with limited seating will sell out very quickly, but don't fret, we have you covered. You can purchase your tickets today, right here.

KPOP - The Musical at Circle In The Square Theatre

The new thrilling music genre sweeping the world is known as K-POP for short, or Korean pop music. People all over the world go crazy when they listen to it, and now, to the pleasure of theatergoers, a musical titled K-POP is coming to Circle In The Square Theatre on Wednesday 22nd March 2023. The musical explores the ceaseless exertion, endless talent, and business ambitions that triggered the global KPOP fever. This brand-new musical is jam-packed with heart-pounding new music and stimulating dance moves. The story centers on international K-pop entertainers who struggle with issues of culture and identity that could kill one of the greatest labels in the business. You can surely join in with the rest of the public by stomping along to the tempo and cheering alongside the other audiences  as the show submerges you into the world of KPOP. It's a multifaceted bonanza unlike anything else on the market at the moment, featuring a lineup of Broadway and K-pop stars. The show's creators, Max Vernon and Helen Park, also wrote the lyrics and created the music, and they have done a sterling effort. You honestly don't want to miss out on all the fun, but you will if you don't act fast. There is only a limited amount of seating available and tickets are selling like hot cakes. Be sure to grab yours right now.

KPOP - The Musical at Circle In The Square Theatre

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