Melissa Etheridge: My Window at Circle In The Square Theatre

melissa etheridge at circle in the squareMelissa Etheridge has had success in lighting up arenas across the world with her confessional lyrics and raspy, smoky vocals. She’s been at this for over two decades, producing hit songs such as “I’m the Only One,” “Come to My Window,” “I Want to Come Over,” and more. Now, fans get the opportunity to participate in a much more up-close-and-personal experience with the star on Broadway. 

Melissa Etheridge: My Window on Broadway is a limited nine-week residency at the Circle in the Square Theatre. The show will run from the 10th to the 29th of October, 2023. It will run for two hours and thirty minutes, and fans get the chance to relive her best hits. Of course, get to know the singer on a more personal level. Melissa Etheridge has made this residency as intimate as it can get, and it’s the perfect time for fans to attend. 

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Melissa Etheridge: My Window Tickets:

“I’m going to tell you a story about how the hell I got here.” – Melissa Elridge

“This rock concert spliced with memoir has gained a striking intimacy.” – The New York Times

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Rock singer, songwriter, and musician Melissa Etheridge made her Broadway debut back in 2011. At the time, she rocked the stage as St. Jimmy in Green Day’s American Idiot. And now, she’s back. This time, she’s just being herself in new premiere called “Melissa Etheridge: My Window.” It’s an autobiographical jam session with stories and music all rolled into one, and it’s hitting the Circle in the Square Theatre. This Broadway residency follows the world premiere of the same show off-Broadway at New World Stages in October 2022. At 62 years old, Melissa’s showing she’s not stopping any time soon and she’s going to keep the music and stories coming! 

This show isn’t your typical Broadway musical; it’s an opportunity for long-time fans to get a glimpse of Melissa Etheridge up-close-and-personal. There’s going to be a lot of audience engagement, including between-songs banter and joining the crowd during performances. So, if you’ve been waiting for the perfect Melissa Etheridge show to attend, this is definitely the one. She’s going to sweep you off your feet and show you exactly why she remains one of the biggest icons in rock music today. Her iconic raspy vocals is still a show-stopper despite being over two decades in the industry!

“Etheridge is a superstar who on this Broadway stage gives her audience the genuine gift of spending two-and-half hours with her up close.” – Variety

“It’s a brave and unusually intimate offering, worthy of applause.” – Variety

melissa etheridge my window tickets

Melissa Etheridge: My Window is penned by Melissa Etheridge herself, with a little extra creative juice from Linda Wallem-Etheridge – from “Nurse Jackie” and “That ’70s Show.” The show is choreographed by Amy Tinkham, who has also worked on projects like Aerosmith’s “Deuces Are Wild” Las Vegas Residency and “Dancing with the Stars Live.” Then, there’s the fantastic creative squad in action too: Emmy Award nominee Bruce Rodgers handles scenic design (Super Bowl Halftime shows since 2010), Abigail Rosen Holmes bringing in her lighting design skills (Phish and David Byrne); Olivia Sebesky handles  projection design (James Taylor and Chad Deity); Andrea Lauer is in charge of costume design (“American Idiot” and “Bring it On”). Basically, it’s an all-star creative team pulling this show together – ensuring that all fans have an unforgettable experience! 

Throughout the show, Melissa Etheridge will take the audience on a memory-filled journey through her life and career. Her storytelling monologues directly address the audience, sharing a wide array of her personal experiences. These moments are intertwined with songs that, instead of driving a specific plot, dive into the emotional depths of her personal experiences. With Amy Tinkham’s direction, Melissa’s delivery feels approachable, almost like you’re having a casual chat with a friend. She’ll even break away from the stage, stroll through the center aisle and engage with the audience. There’s a genuine sense of connection as she performs and it’s going the be the most intimate show you will ever have the chance to attend. 

“An opportunity for devoted fans to get a more up-close-and-personal experience than is possible at huge-scale stadium concerts.” – DC Theatre Arts

“The rock goddess keeps the audience in thrall for more than two hours of storytelling, jokes, and wailing on her Ovation Standard 12-String.” – Vulture

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Deadline wrote a review on the preview and called the show “especially charming.” The review said, “Etheridge, enhanced by a truly fantastic and gorgeous light and projection design (Abigail Rosen Holmes on the former, Olivia Sebesky the latter), sheds any semblance of a Ted Talker by sheer affability. She [is] great company for the nearly three hours, never gushy, pulling no, or few, punches (she names no names when talking about famous friends and lovers, but provides enough clues to anyone interested in Googling; in fact, she encourages it. Like I said, she’s fun).”

The most important takeaway from the show though is that yes, it’s a raucous, funny, and fun show, but it also highlights a part of Melissa’s own healing journey. It’s about her realization that she’s a lesbian, a truth she’s not longer afraid to hide. “She’s so open about it and has such fun telling this part of her story—about her various dates over the decades, including with her first wife,” said Variety who attended the preview as well. 

“It is the music that most matters, and, at 62, Melisssa Etheridge still rocks.” – New York Theatre

“A revealing look at the life of an extraordinary woman!” – Cititour

Join Melissa Etheridge as the takes you on the journey of her life, as told through Broadway. Melissa Etheridge: My Window is a limited-time engagement and the opportunity to attend such a show may never come again. Grab the chance now, secure your tickets before it’s too late! The show is ending in a few weeks, and tickets are almost sold out. Go click ‘GET TICKETS’ right now!