An Enemy of the People at Circle In The Square Theatre

An Enemy of the People at Circle In The Square Theatre
Circle in the Square Theatre in Manhattan, New York City, has become an important piece of the North American theatre scene. Its newest production – An Enemy of the People – plunges audiences into a thrilling story that features cutting-edge set design and unforgettable performances.

In the following post, we’re going to give you a rundown of everything you’ll need to know about this exciting production. We’ll break down its narrative, history, author and explain why it is an unmissable event.

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Play summary

“An Enemy of the People,” by legendary playwright Heinrick Ibson, tells the story of Dr. Thomas Stockmann, a principled man who realizes that his town’s spa waters are contaminated. Trying to prevent a public health disaster, he finds himself turned on by his local community. As Dr. Stockman fights to protect the people around him, he becomes ostracized in his community, leaving the audience with a moral dilemma.

Originally written in 1882, this 5-act play has seen numerous productions throughout the ages. It was first performed in 1883 in Bergen, before moving onto many other successful productions in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen. It then moved to London for the first time in 1893. The play was favorably received in the 1800s and remains a favorite to this day.

It joins a catalogue of Ibsen’s plays which see regular new productions. The 2024 version at Circle in the Square New York City, is the latest example of Ibsen’s plays revitalized.

What is the story of this play?

The lone doctor of a small town has established himself as a trustworthy and proud member of his community. When he discovers that there is a potential case of water contamination, he is quick to raise the alarm.

But it soon becomes clear that many people in the town want to silence him – including his brother, the town mayor – and he struggles with the moral quandary of being ostracized for doing what is right.

Across the play’s five acts, the audience is taken on a journey through this period in Dr. Stockmann’s life. As he attempts to publish an article warning of the danger, he is exposed to corruption and challenges.

The main themes of this play pit an idealist main character against a wave of corruption and the fight for truth. The playwright ultimately leaves audiences to make up their own minds about the moral message of the story.

About the author

Henrick Ibsen, born in 1828, is known as one of the world’s premiere playwrights. His bibliography of plays helped to popularize the genre of realism and are considered groundbreaking in their exploration of societal issues and the human condition. Some of his most popular works include “A Doll’s House,” “Hedda Gabler” and “An Enemy of the People.”

Ibsen is today known as one of the most prolific figures in Norwegian Literature. His work is some of the most performed in the world, under William Shakespeare.

You can expect any play from Ibsen to tackle tough societal or deeply human issues – examining moral values through characters and narrative. At the time, many of his plays were seen as controversial due to their content. However, in the modern age, they are seen as universal stories that audiences have engaged with across the ages – and likely will continue to as his plays are revised, adapted and performed.

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Circle In the Square’s 2024 production

After the UK production of An Enemy of the People featuring Matt Smith as Dr. Stockmann, it seemed that a new production would have some big shoes to fill. Thankfully, this modern staging of “An Enemy of the People” at Circle in the Square is the latest example of the venue’s mission to put on socially relevant and thought-provoking shows. Director Sam Gold’s production is a thrilling revival of an old classic, taking the story and recontextualizing it with a modern twist.

It has been adapted for a modern audience by Amy Herzog, with costumes by David Zinn, lighting by Isabella Byrd, and sound by Mikaal Sulaiman. This production also features a cast of talented, experienced actors, including Jeremy Strong, Michael Imperioli, Victoria Pedretti, Caleb Eberhardt and Matthew August Jeffers.

Frequently asked questions

What age is this play suitable for?

An Enemy of the People is recommended for ages 12 and up. The overall theme of the play might be hard for younger children to grasp, and there is some content that might not be suitable for those under 12. While Ibsen’s stories are universal, they do take place from an adult perspective and deal with complex themes. It is always up to parents to decide whether their child is prepared to engage with this performance.

How long is this show?

Please note that the 2024 productions of An Enemy of the People has no intermission. It has a two-hour run time with a brief, 5 minute pause. You should also note that late seating is not available for this show – once it begins, there are to be no interruptions to its 5-act runtime.

What can I expect from a play at Circle in the Square?

Circle in the Square has become a staple of the New York City theatre scene. Attending a play there promises a modern, immersive theatre experience. Circle in the Square is known for its distinctive, in-the-round stage design. Audiences will gain a close perspective, connecting with the performances.

Its seating arrangement ensures that you will get a good view no matter where you sit. The venue is also in the middle of Broadway – meaning you can easily take a short walk and find unforgettable dining experiences.

How can I purchase tickets for this production?

You can purchase tickets for this production several ways. You can use the links above to buy direct from Ticket Squeeze, alternatively you can visit the theatre’s box office in person, or visit Circle in the Square’s official website. However, demand for this production is likely to be high due to the timeless appeal of Ibsen’s work, so we recommend you book early to avoid missing out.